Being Best Friends Forever

Friendship goals! Yes, keeping your best of friends within you in a forever kind of state of mind sounds easy because after all you’ve known your friend since childhood or grade school or in college. But, nevertheless, there are some ups and downs that you may encounter that can affect your friendship — maybe a tragedy, conflict of interest, love triangles or others.


So how to keep the friendship as strong as the trees that keeps their roots on the ground? Or to maintain these friendships in this modern-day, crazy busy world we live in? We all know Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels that keep the “real” conversation in jeopardy. I’m not hating technology but the truth is, I despise them most of the times. Haha! Peace!


What’s the secret to staying in crazy, platonic love? Actually, it’s no secret but then to keep the momentum going on this topic, we’ll call it as that. 🙂


Here’s my list:


  1. Don’t stop laughing.

Until your stomach aches! Haha! What makes a friendship strong? Unconditional love, support and endless laughter. No matter how cheesy or corny it is, just laugh at it.


  1. Be a Superwoman.

I’m not saying dress like one. Just act like one. Friends encounters a lot of crisis — personal, family, relationships — and what you have to do is be there. Be that superwoman that a friend can rely on. There’s no crisis you can’t get through, no sadness you won’t survive, and no wound you can’t heal when your best friend is there to carry the weight of your pain.


  1. Love and support each other all ways and always.

Be a friend that someone can count on — for good times and bad. Not someone to be just there when happiness is overflowing. Be a confidante, partner-in-crime, shoulder to cry on, keeper of inside jokes, supporter, believer, human diary, the list goes on and on.


  1. Don’t keep secrets.

This means, being an open book. No one will understand you unless they know even your darkest secrets. No one can help if the problem is unknown in the first place, right?


For me, there’s nothing I could ever say or do that would make him think any less of me, and vice-versa. That’s friendship should be.


  1. Give and take.

Allow for give and take on both sides. It’s connotes fairness to both of you. Not all times that your friend can be there because of some circumstances, you have to understand. Be aware of the different life circumstances but support one another because that’s what friends do.


  1. Implement a no-judgment friendship policy.

Be that person who is straightforward, honest, and non-judgmental. We all have dark parts in our lives that we tend to forget or move on. Don’t judge! A true friend lends a hand not push them on the pits.


  1. Be brutally honest.

Real friendship requires you cut the drama, be brutally (but compassionately) honest, and love without limits.


How about you? What values can you add in the list?


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