5 tips to have a fabulous walk in closet

Walk in closets are no longer for big houses and celebrity personalities. Before, having your very own walk in closet is considered a symbol of grandeur but those days are over. In fact, it now becomes a necessity.

If you love clothes or own a lot of it, then it is time to create one in your home. If you are planning to transform your loft or attic into a functional room, then a walk in closet would be a perfect idea. Professional loft conversions like those from Chiswick Loft Conversion incorporate walk-in closets in their designs.

Good thing about building your own walk in closet is it does not require a big space, a small or average sized loft will turn out to be just fine.

There are tons of reasons why you should consider building your own walk in closet. Here are just a few:

– More space for your clothes

Built-in closets and cabinets do not have enough space for all your clothes especially when you hang all of it. When you lack space you end up crunching your clothes just to fit them all together and it will just wrinkle them. When you have a walk-in closet, you have more space to hang all of your clothes and can easily see everything.

– More space for shoes

If you own a lot of shoes, it is probably time to invest in a walk in closet. Not only you will have more space for your shoes but you can also make some arrangements to make them look good while glancing at them.

– Extra storage

Walk in closets are not just for clothes, shoes and accessories, you can also store some important items on it. If you no longer have space for a storage room, you can build one and make your life easier and more convenient.
Now if you are already convinced to build your very own fabulous walk in wardrobe, here are 5 tips and ideas to have the perfect one.

1. Posh lighting

One of the secret keys to having a stylish and elegant wardrobe is to have cool lightings. Having good lighting in your wardrobe can set your mood making you feel good to dress up.

It also makes your clothes, shoes and accessories stand out.

It can make it easier for women when applying their make-ups or when dressing up as well.

2. Big mirrors

Having a lot of mirrors in your walk in closet is a must. It can actually make the room more spacious and creates excitement when dressing up.

3. Add a seating area

If you want to make use of all the space you have in your walk in closet, you should add a seating area. An ottoman is a perfect furniture that you can have. There are different shapes of ottomans that you can choose from depending on the shape of your walk in closet. Storage ottomans are also a good choice if you want to hide away some things in your closet.

4. Stylish accessory displays

There are actually a lot of display ideas that you can get from shopping malls or boutiques, from mannequins to racks.

5. Choose the right paint colour

When it comes to paint colours, white is the ideal colour to make all the displays in your room stand out. It can also make your walk in closet look more organised, spacious and neat.

You just have to pick the right walk in closet design based on your own preference and taste. It doesn’t have to be costly as well as long as you choose the right materials and furniture.

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