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Top 5 Design Trends That You Should Check Out This 2015

 If you want to know the latest news when it comes to interior designs this year, check out our top 5 picks that you can choose to apply in your interior planning today.

  1. Mixed Metals

Mixing warm metals, such as copper and rose gold, with cool ones like silver is particularly hot right now. If you are going to take risk this year, you should go to strategic, layered mix of silvery, gold and black metals as a “riskier and more stylish” option.


  1. Graphic Tiles

It’s a perfect combination of graphic design and interior design. The allure of indoor/outdoor living, colorful concrete tiles continue to move from commercial to home spaces design level.


  1. Chevron Prints

If used simply and elegantly, the ever-popular military motif can be a strong look on its own. You just got to do it properly and believe in it from the moment you start working with it.


  1. Moody Indigo

Several designers are developing a case of the navy blues. It is a growing trend in luxury projects in most cities this year.


  1. Mirrored Furniture

Finally, a mirrored accent piece may be gorgeous for any types of home that you plan to design this year, It would be a great change when it comes to interior designing trends.



The Best Portable Toilets Ever??

Talking about loos is certainly not avoided anymore. Before, people don’t want to talk about it since most people get disgusted when they hear it. It may not the topic you can always talk about but of course, we should admit it to ourselves that this thing is normal for humans. Portable toilets have been widely used nowadays especially on special occasions and events outside our homes.

If cleanliness and hygiene is a big issue for you and your guests, luxury portable toilet hire Cambridge could be your best choice. Having a narrow comfort room for a party is certainly not recommended especially when you are organizing a huge one. From its name itself, luxury portable loos are luxurious. It is a perfect choice for a comfort room especially if you have very important guests or participants to accommodate as their impressions certainly give huge impact to the event you organized.

As previously mentioned, these luxury loos can be used on events like school retreats, recreational activities and garden weddings which has been very famous to every girls nowadays. The following are the reasons why luxury loos are considered as the best portable toilets you can use on your organized events:

•  Spacious or roomy. Food and drink would be served on such events to your family, friends and guests. Therefore, needing for comfort is something we cannot avoid to happen. There’s also a chance where people will want to use it at the same time – this could cause a commotion, discussing who would go first. Making use of such a commodity on parties is something you shouldn’t ignore. The best thing about using this kind of comfort room is they are spacious or roomy where you can install not just one but two or even more.

•  Relaxing. As mentioned, luxury loos are spacious. Make your guests feel relaxed while they are having the comfort they deserve with decors like carpets and flowers that would make them believe that they are most likely at home.

•  Accommodating and fragrant. Luxury loos certainly have perfumed fragrant that are used to minimalize unpleasant odours which are normal on a loo. Having mirrors could be beneficial, too, for example, in a wedding, girls would definitely love to look at the mirror and have some retouch on their makeup to look perfect throughout the event.

•  Exceptional. It is good to keep in mind that luxury loos are different from any other portable toilets. Because of their helpful benefits as mentioned above, you can have great impressions from your guests as it would lead you to having great connections and even encourage them to organize a successful event just like yours.

A successful event isn’t all about organizing it and following the entire program; you can determine that you had a successful event through the satisfied and accommodated guests that you have. Seeing them comfortable and at ease the entire time would definitely mean a lot. Chairs, tables and the food aren’t the only necessities you should consider on a party but of course, the toilets as well.

Top Female Drivers in Racing Today

The love for cars and racing is definitely not limited to the men anymore. Even if these fields of interest are usually male dominated, the women are no doubt catching up. Not only that, but they are proving to be excellent and passionate as well.

Supposing you are a simple female wanting to engage and venture on these particular suits, you can look up to these superior women racers:

1. Danica Patrick
In the history of American racing, there is no one else that beats Miss Danica Patrick. She has successfully won many awards since the start of her career. For starters, this Wisconsin born femme fatale got into go karting in 1992 when she was just 10 years old. Her talent for driving must be influenced by his father, Terry Jose or TJ, for he raced motocross and snowmobiles. She was 16 years old when she moved to England to advance her professional stint. Second place – she was able to win this in the Britain’s Formula Ford Festival and this was the highest for an American to finish. Her major achievements include: the only woman to win in the 2008 Indy Japan 300 and third place in the 2009 Indianapolis 500, the highest a female has ever achieved. She was also the first female driver to win a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series pole.

2. Milka Duno
This Venezuelan race car driver holds the record of the highest finish for a female in the 24 Hours of Daytona, a whole day endurance race held yearly in Florida. She was a model before she got into racing, so that got her more attention. Her first win was second place in the 1996 Venezuelan GT Championship. She then moved to the United States; she enrolled in advanced racing schools and competed as well. In history, Milka was the first female to win a Ferrari Challenge Race in the USA. The Panoz GT Series was her first Series Championship win.

3. Cyndie Allemann
Racing the banner of the Swiss is Cyndie Allemann. There is no doubt she is best at what she does; even her family is enough proof for that. Her father is Kurt Allemann, former karting champion and her brother is Ken Allemann, a race car driver himself. Cyndie also started karting then naturally transitioned to car racing. She competed all over the world in many series. She particularly stood out as the first female driver to ever compete in the 2012 Super GT series.

If you ever want to follow the footsteps of these superior ladies, you can do so anytime. You can go use automobiles sponsored by RM Prestige. They offer different luxury car models for rent at a price that is within your budget.

Check out their Ferrari and other racing vehicles. They are readily available for you and everyone else who wants to try out this kind of competitions. For sure, even just the experience alone will definitely be worth it. You get to spend less as well.

Permanent Makeup Woes and Dos

Lovely red lips, flawlessly formed brows, and lovely eye liner. Permanent make-up holds the promise you’ll work all day, go to the health club, dancing all night, and get up in the morning with makeup in place. Nothing, it seems, will certainly phase these cosmetic tattoos.
In the hands of a skilled individual, the treatments are usually safe. However state governing agencies have not kept pace with the development of the long-term make-up market, and there are great deals of inadequate individuals wielding needles.

I love how this girl is able to pull it through with a follow up video after several months. I am actually thinking of getting one myself to save me a lot of time retouching. Hmmm…

A feedback a few months later:

Jodi Picoult’s Controversial(?) Novel

A daddy in New Hampshire has actually been jailed after objecting over Jodi Picoult’s story Nineteen Minutes being appointed to high-school children.

The novel manage a college shooting, and harassing, but the objections in Gilford, New Hampshire were elevated over a one-page sex scene. William Baer, whose 14-year-old daughter was assigned the book, mentioned to CBS Boston that the scene “checks out like a records for a three-way X porno movie,” which moms and dads “had no notice of it whatsoever, no created notice, no spoken, absolutely nothing”.

The scene sees character Josie having sex with her overbearing sweetheart Matt. “He kissed her so hard that it harmed. ‘Mmmph,’ she said, pressing at him. ‘Relax,’ Matt murmured, and afterwards he sank his teeth into her shoulder. He pinned her turn over her head and ground his hips versus hers.” The scene goes on to reference Matt’s erection, and both making love.

Baer was detained and cuffed after attacking the school’s choice to establish the book at a college board conference this week, according to neighborhood reports. He stated, ‘detain me or I’m not going to’ … so I did.”.

Gilford’s collection has stated that the book has subsequently verified hugely popular among borrowers, tweeting to Picoult that “all our duplicates of 19 Minutes have been checked out! Any kind of requests will certainly be contributed to the reserve listing. Active day at the collection.”.

The author herself tweeted that “1 of my books is being tested … again, b/c the word “erection” is made use of. (Assumption HS youngsters have actually never seen a Viagra advertisement …)”. She added that she was “grateful to those which assisted the publication & recognize that speaking w/teens is far better than pretending challenging concerns don’t already existing”.

Picoult stated in a statement that she withed a talk to Gilford students in 2007 when the publication was posted, when she mentioned study she finished with survivors of school shootings.

“That was complied with by a fantastic, perky discussion about the best ways to finish bullying in their own college neighborhood,” stated the bestselling author. “The works of fiction consisted of in college curricula are suggested to encourage and create crucial thinking abilities in adolescents. I would certainly urge any moms and dad to check out whatever publications are appointed, and to utilize them as springboards for discussion with their youngsters.”.

The Gilford school board has actually  apologised in a declaration for “the soreness of those impacted and for the failure of the Institutionto send out residence prior notification of project of the book”, and claimed that it will now change its plans “to include notification that requires moms and dads to approve debatable product instead of pull out”.

In my opinion, the dad has a point. A 14 year old reading such graphic descriptions would be a little uncomfortable but then again, teen agers are teen agers. The more constrained they feel, the more adventurous and challenged they become.